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Thread: Cranberry pills

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    Cranberry pills

    Whats the daily dosage for these??? Just gottem today, took 1900mg (thats what the bottle said per serving 4 pills=1900mg) can't find them Cranmax I heard once, anyhow.... how much, how often, how long till I see results??????


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    I don't know what everyone else will say but, I just take what the bottle says. I figure I will be taking them until they come up with a cure for UTI's. Just my thought on the matter. Julie

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    Cranberry capsules

    Most people take the recommended dose on the bottle. As a herbal remedy, in the USA at least there is no standard of testing for ingredients in herbs, so it is very difficult to compare similar preparation.

    Here is a link to Cran-Magic, which some people like.

    I would caution you that this also has several other herbs other than just Cranberry and you may want to check these out for interactions with your other meds prior to taking. Some people also get loose stools with the full dose, so I generally recommend starting with one capsule daily and gradually increasing to avoid having this problem right away.

    There is no set time for "results". Some people find it does not reduce their UTIs. This is especially true if there are problems with your urinary tract such as a high pressure bladder, stones or chronic prostatitis which are increasing your risk of repeated UTI.


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