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Thread: I need Wheelchair advice

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    I need Wheelchair advice

    I found a Quicky TI Titanium and got a pretty good deal if I can get it to fit.
    It has the Spinergy wheels. The tires is solid and I have never had solid tires. It is not a smooth ride. I was told that the tires has to be used a little.Is this right?
    The bigger problem is The front of the chair is two inches to tall. It has to be lowered for me to bend over and tie my shoes and pick up stuff off the floor in the front and on the side without a big strain. It has 4 inch casters and is adjusted to the lowest hole on the forks.
    The only way to lower the front is to put froglegs and 3 inch casters on it. Quicky said the only way to lower this chair is to put 3 in. casters. I think it should lower it an inch and a half. I have never used 3 in. casters and don't know anything about froglegs. Then I could raise the foot plate some. Does anyone know anything about this? I need a light weight chair so much and am trying to make this work. What do you think?

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    I recently ordered a Quickie Ti as well. The first time I ordered it I had to return it because the salesman incorrectly measured me. This time I used the seating clinic at NRH in Washington D.C.Previous two chairs has been Kuschall which has been discontinued in AMerica. As you realize, there is alot to the specification. It's tailored to fit the customer. I ordered a Varilite back for my scoliosis. 70 degree bend to accomodate inclines with 5 inch front casters. The additional 2 inch in front is alot. Small front caster will easily get caught on cracks and pebbles. I always preferred pneumatic. Frog legs I never thought much of it. Can you elevate the floor seat height to compensate for the extra 2 inch front? Either call Sunrise Medical Or your local DME service dept. who is worth their salt and knows their product. Once I get the chair and become familiar with it then I will be able to answer your questions, but not now. Sorry Maryonwheels!

    It is very important to get a chair that properly fits. Don't compromise! I will call the seating clinic tomorrow and post a reply as soon as I get an answer. Cheers!

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    Actually Kuschall is back on the North American market.

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    Originally posted by Kanuck:

    Actually Kuschall is back on the North American market.

    Have you seen the Kuschall Fusion? 10 kg and it looks really good. I want one but it is 3 kg heavier than the one I have. The most popular for the boys just know.

    TH 12 incomplete 12-12-69.

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    I agree with you. After I put in this post I decided to return the chair. I can't compromise, as you said. I don't know how bad your scoliosis is but this chair is killing me. It is the regular cloth back and it is streached out so the polls press into my ribs so now I wait for the other dude to get all the paperwork done all over again.
    I did have the Varilite back and it was very comfortable. It has the air vail that airs it up I lean on it and it adjust to my back then I close it. It does have the metal piece that sticks up in the back when I fold it to load it in the car but it is not in the way. The chair I have now has the permanant sidegards that really is in the way so on the chair I get will have the ones I can take off. To keep my hips out of the spokes. Gotta have some butt.
    How much of a curve do you have?
    Hunker said the Froglegs would work and they would but the 3in. wheels would not work for me. Anyway I will post when I get my new chair and let you know what happens.

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    Take a picture of you and your chair - I used to build chairs (in the old days when racing chairs had four wheels and basketball chairs, they were heavy duty lol)There are so many different types and everyone wants the chair to fit just like a pair of jeans. Tell us how tall wide and high you want.Wheelchairs are not one size fits all

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    Originally posted by Hunker:

    - I used to build chairs (in the old days when racing chairs had four wheels and basketball chairs, they were heavy duty lol)
    Do you know how to weld aluminum? If so do you TIG or MIG weld?

    Back in High School I did some TIG welding, wasn't any good, but it was fun

    wild as a river...

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    Hunker, Who are you talking to?
    You goin to build me a chair? That would be far out. Put Bob Hall out of business.
    Oh, by the way, I just read your post on implants. Dude, I got dogged for my post on breast implants. How do you figure?

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    I did the nuts and bolts. I hope to go tould learn welding with my son. It was alot of fun because we worked in a basement, put out two a day and always on backorder. Barry would give one away sometimes also. I still have one of them. Mary that basement business is now Stacey was working at SSC when I was injured. She is the one that runs things. They are good people. Breast implants? I tried them and they felt good.


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