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Thread: Two more questions re: learning to straight cath....

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    Two more questions re: learning to straight cath....

    As a nurse, I began teaching today how to straight cath. We are using 14fr caths (silicone). Due to diff finding urethral meatus, we are now trying an Asta cath. I was able to get it in with the Asta cath, but the pt will need days before she will get it. Anyway, we wanted to practice several times and kept using new caths...need 12 to start anyway. But is there a limit to trying to self cath? I saw some blood and new it was time to quit.

    Also, if there was sediment and urine sl cloudy, will MD's usually start pt's on Antibiotics when DCing F/C (we pulled foley today) I didn't get an odor or increased temp, but is it usually routine to begin antibiotics with those symptoms after dcing f/c?

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    Due to altered finger sensation and function, I finally learned to self-cath in front of a mirror. For me, the trick is in how far down in my chair I slide - angle is critical.
    Once accomplished, my quality of life made a giant step up.

    Karen M : ]

    Karen M

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