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Thread: Awesome urine test strips for home

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    Awesome urine test strips for home

    These test strips will check for the presence of the following items:

    Specific gravity

    Testing for leukocytes [WBCs] is extremely helpful for me as that's almost always the giveaway when I have an infection. And knowing PH is helpful, too, along with presence of nitrites.

    If they work well it could save a trip to get urine checked when we feel symptoms of malaise but are not sure why.

    I wonder if they could be used to catch something very early and ward it off with supplements and loads of water....

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    I agree but...

    These test strips are good but let me tell you...I was using them from time to time and I found myself getting overly concerned if my PH wasn't right, or if any of the readings were off a little bit. I have found that urine quantities, frequencies, colors, smells, vary all the time depending on many things (foods, beverages, medications, time of day, etc.) Don't get hung up testing every urine specimen for this and that unless something is clearly wrong.

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    My doctor gave me a few strips that they use, sound very similar. They are great but my doc was very clear that eating different things, time of day, etc, could indeed change the reading. They said to look for a combination of 3 or 4 things being off, I don't remember off the top of my head what they are, they are written down with the strips. But they are handy to have because sometimes my mom or I get concerned and it turns out to be fine, thus saving us a trip to the doc.

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