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Thread: Bowel and Bladder programs

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    Bowel and Bladder programs

    I've been reading alot of posts on programs for the bowel and bladder. Sometimes my husband doesn't have a BM for 7 days or longer and there's always once during the day where he wets his pants. He uses isometrics to go but I don't think he completely empties everytime. Can you explain some of the programs he could try?

    Kari Schrank

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    Kari I also have crushed L1 would love to talk to your husband

    I finally have my bowel program down to once every two days in the evening, not perfect but much better than 3 to 5 days before. Copy this web site exactly and download and print. I believe I got it from this site before. It is 74 pages to print, It has helped me. If this does not work e-mail me and I will send you the link Galen (

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