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Thread: How many people with SCI take cranberry to prevent urinary tract infections?

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    How many people with SCI take cranberry to prevent urinary tract infections?

    Because of a number of reports that cranberry contains substances that prevent urinary tract infections, many people drink or eat cranberry products to prevent urinary tract infections. I was wondering how many people use cranberry for this purpose. Thanks.

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    I used to use only cranberry juice as I had never heard of the cranberry supplements till I joined this board. I still drink the juice daily (because I love it), just not as much, do to the caloric value, but I now take the supplement. Is there any risk of consuming too much though? Just an odd question.

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    Wise, I think Todd Linsenmeyer At Kessler West Orange is doing a study on cranberry pills/UTI. I know he was about a year ago, don't know if it's still going on; I'll try to find out more info.

    My son takes cranberry pills, has for about a year. I feel it's one of things like vitamin C - can we ever really, really prove its efficacy?

    I'd like to ask also, for those folks who are taking cranberry pills, what's your dosage? How did you arrive at the amount you are taking?

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    I take Cran-Magic pills, (2 a day) and drink about 12oz. of cranberry juice in the morning and a glass at dinner if we go out to eat. It even tastes good without vodka in it!

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    survey on Cran-max

    There was a survey result printed in one of the Canadian Monthlies out of Lyndhurst Hospital a few years ago.It showed that people taking Cran-max and Garlic pills were getting less infections than those who did not take these supplements.I take 1 Cran-max each day.Very seldom do i get a serious infection.I used to take garlic caps also.Lately i have just been using garlic salt a lot.Hope this sheds some light on the situation

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    I have never taken cranberry supplements of any kind. I haven't had a UTI since I was discharged from the hospital 15 years ago.

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    Bumping up to get more votes.

    From the trend of these poll results, a majority (67%) of people eat some cranberry products at least once a week and a substantial proportion (38%) take cranberry concentrates in capsule form to prevent urinary tract infections. This must be one of the most popular therapies for the SCI community.

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    bladder infection

    For almost a yr I was a raging bladder infection.
    I spoke with a homeopathic (nature nut) who
    suggested I take (orally in capsule form)
    Cranberry 1000mG twice a-day
    Garlic 1000mG twice a-day...
    Along with quite a bit of Vitamin C and
    Uroquid Acid. (sounds like overkill huh?)
    In my best guess, it creates such a
    hostile atmosphere in the bladder,
    if emptied on schedule the infection is
    hampered down with not much of a
    shot....It has worked for me eversince I started...

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    Vitamin C?

    Now I am curious of another thing...I found that when I am taking vitamin C, I am more prone to incontinence. My guess is that the acidity level is much higher in my bladder with tablet form vitamin C, than it is from Cranberry concentrate.

    Incidentally, my urologist (for the 1st time ever) told me to take cranberry tablets to help prevent UTIS....

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    Use the supplements

    The juice isn't palatable without a lot of added sugar which is counterproductive. I now take eight 1000mg capsules per day along with Vitamin C and Uroquid. Maybe I'll also start taking garlic as the post below suggested. Eventually I want to take less cranberry capsules due to the cost and constant attention required to avoid loose stools. I think I'll cut it in half soon but keep my 2 gal/day water intake going. It's really hard to drink that much water everyday but I'm doing it! After twenty-two years of UTIs preventing them is now priority one for me health-wise.

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