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Thread: Nothing when I cat

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    Nothing when I cat

    In an earlier post ( I mentioned I had a SP catheter and everyone wondered why. I decided to try plugging the SP cat and doing intermittent catheritization. What I have found is when I cat there is no urine. The urine passes straigth through the bladder and out the penis into my diaper and pad without stopping. I am a LMN SCI and wonder if anyone uses diapers and pads and never cats? I have made an appointment for a second opinion from a different Urologist, but in the meantime, I wondered if anyone had the same challenge.

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    Padding and diapers

    Very few men use padding as there are many good external condom catheter products for men. Woman may use padding, but for anyone with a spastic UMN bladder this can cause high pressures and reflux. Over time even those with LMN bladders may find their pressures rising as the bladder gets more fibrous and stiff with many years of denervation.

    I am a little confused about your post. Are you saying the urine flows around the catheter you have passed through your urethra? Are you sure you are actually in the bladder and not in a false passage?

    I am glad you are seeking a second opinion. I hope this is with a physician who is experienced and up-to-date in SCI care. With your history you may want to discuss the option of an artifical urinary sphincter. These are only appropriate for those with LMN bladders, but I know a number of people who use these combined with intermittent cath and never leak.


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