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Thread: Bowel Program Help

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    Bowel Program Help

    I am a C5/6 quad, and have not be able to accomplish my bowel program without assistance.

    Currently I use 1 "Magic Bullet" followed by dig stim every monday, wednesday, and friday. I sit on the tolet, and lean over to the seat of my wheel chair. I have very little hand function, and this is my biggest obsticle to independence with my program.

    I was wondering if any of you have figured out how to accomplish all this with simular injury level.


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    I use digital stimulation and suppository insertion tools. They work really well...I got mine from Sammons and Prestons catalouge. They can even be heated up and bent to get the right angle!

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    Self bowel care

    At this level of injury, if the person has some wrist control (mostly at C6), then it is possible to do most if not all of the bowel program, esp. if the person is of normal weight and build. Being obese or having shorter arms makes it more difficult, although not impossible.

    There are several different designs of suppository inserters and digital stimulation devices that can be strapped onto the hand and used with the appropriate commode or raised toilet seat for someone with no finger function. Unfortunately I have found nothing that works with Theravac for those with limited hand function.

    In addition, there are devices called "toilet aids" which can be used for bowel clean up, or you may want to investigate a bidet such as the Lubidet or Microbidet (Sears) which can be retrofitted on any toilet and make bowel clean up easier for many.

    A good OT and rehab nurse working together with you can usually find some way to improve your level of independence with bowel care at this level.


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    I have both the inserter and the dig stim devices, but I cannot get the right angel/position. Maybe I might go to the local rehab outpatient program and see if they can help me figure things out.


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