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Thread: Injury level?

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    Injury level?

    Hello; what is the best way to truly determine your level of injury? My wifes injury is "supposed" to be at T12, but there has been some difference of oppinion among staff. Would a CT scan show the cord injury? Also my wife has a "geenfield filter" is it safe to have an mri? Thanks!

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    spinal injury level

    Bob/TN -- The level of injury is determined by the lowest neurological segment of the cord that retains normal sensory and motor function on both sides of the body. The physician can determine this by checking the patient's dermatome sensation sections by doing pin prick testing and comparing it on both sides of the body. Motor function would be checked by assessing function or what the patient can still do and through muscle grading. Where it is equal at the lowest level is the site of where we call the "level of injury". This means that nerve function above this site has been damaged or disrupted. Plain films, CT scans, and MRI's all can pick up areas of compression, displacement, or fractures. As far as I know, a person with a Greenfield Filter can undergo an MRI. I am checking with our MRI technologist here and if I hear anything differently I will post it on the site. PLG

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    Hey it does not hurt to have mri done with a greenfield filter! I have one and I have had two mri's on shoulder and one on my left knee.I also have a lot of hardware in my body no problems with mri.

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    MRI and Greenfield Filter

    BOB/TN -- I just talked with our MRI department here. It all depends on the type of Greenfield Filter your wife has in place. She should have an identification card for this implant and by the way should keep it on her person at all times. If the filter is made out of Stainless Steel by the MediTech corporation she would not be able to have an MRI. It it is made out of titanium, usually by the Ormco Company, it would be OK. Another thing I learned what that a person should be 6-8 weeks post implant of the filter before an MRI is done. I hope this information helps for the future. PLG

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    level of injury

    Bob/TN: When I was talking about how they determine the level of injury (by assessing the lowest sensory and motor function still intact on both sides of the body) I meant that nerve function to areas BELOW that site have been damaged or disrupted by the SCI. Sorry for any confusion. PLG

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