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Thread: Iso-Kenitic Theropy

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    Iso-Kenitic Theropy

    Im trying this theropy called: Iso-kenitic Rehablitation 3x a week, In addition to my theropy at the hosp. with walking w/my leg braces and a walker(im very good too by the way) AND goin to the gym 4x a week. Very busy little girl i am.

    Has anyone tried this theropy? I met a young guy there who WAS a C-5 quad incomplete 18 months post. He now has 40% function in his hands, and full upper body mobility! Theropy/ or Just injury related??? who knows. But, anything is worth a shot.

    Also, where i WAS goin to the chiropractor, anohter girl who is a T12 incomplete, says she now is getting back B/B (can go on her own)and her back is straighter then it was. I cant afford $75 each visit.

    So, im goin the free rute (paid by medical ..we hope..) and trying this Kenitic theropy . ITs actually pretty cool . Theres only 6 in this country. Ill keep you all posted.

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    iso-kinetic therapy

    crashgirl246 - There is the possibility that a person with an incomplete SCI may experience some return of sensation, feelings, and/or function during the first 6 months post injury, while spinal shock is resolving itself. Further, it is possible more return for another 18 months, therefore one may find changes for up to 2 years post injury. However, the greatest amount, if that occurs, is during the first 6 months post injury. This 2 year period and the outcomes are as individualized as each SCI is.

    Why does a person do various PT and exercise regimes? The primary reason is to keep the full range of motion of your joints, strengthen your muscles that are functional, recruit and re-educate muscles that are capable of function and passively stretch those muscles that are below the level of your injury. (The only current means of actively exercising the muscles below the level of injury is through functional electrical stimulation [FES]). The long term continuous rehabilitation for a SCI person and the amount of return one may have, are two different issues, that do not have a direct relationship with one another. i.e. Spinal nerves heal at a very slow rate of speed...currently that is a time dependent process. CRF

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