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Thread: Antibiotics: 10 Days or 7 Days???

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    Antibiotics: 10 Days or 7 Days???

    My new Doc only gives me 7 day of Antibiotics, my old Doc always gave me 10 days. Who right?

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    My son usually gets a 7 day course for UTIs; but for other infections (ear infection, tonsillitis, etc. I think the course is 10 days). I asked his urologist at Kessler about the difference, and he said the 7 day course is now the accepted time of treatment for UTIs.

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    Antibiotics: how many days

    Norm - It sounds as there are differing practices re: UTI management. KLD, who works at a large facility, says the accepted practice at her institution is 10 days of antibiotics for SCI-related UTI's. The important aspect of antibiotic treatment is to always complete the full prescription; do not stop it just because symptoms may be abating. This latter practice can result in the development of resistant strains of bacteria.

    Do you find after 7 days of a prescription that you are symptom free for weeks to months or do you have another UTI within a short period (10 days to 2 weeks) of time after the medication is completed? If UTI's are frequent and close together, then the questions become, "Should I be on a 10 - 14 day course of antibiotics?" "Should there be a culture and sensitivity done on a urine sample at the completion of the first full course of antibiotics?" There are people who need aggressive UTI, as well as other infections, management programs. CRF

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    I get Utis all the time, its to hard to say if which is more effective 10 or 7. I just wanted to know if there was a standard for SCI, that was different than able bodied persons.

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    It depends- on the organism and if it is the same organisms or recurrent. We are doing research which currently shows that most of the 5 days is usually enough.We are trying to prevent resistance to antibiotics and the theory to prove is?- does giving too much or not enough lead to resistance?CWO

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    I had heard years ago it was suppose to be 14 days for SCI people.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Curt Leatherbee View Post
    I had heard years ago it was suppose to be 14 days for SCI people.
    I've never heard of a separate protocol for people with SCI. Given how under-researched most things are, having a guideline carve-out for SCIs seems highly dubious.

    Even the 7-day vs. 10-day guideline debate strikes me as guesswork. I had one neuro-urologist years ago who instructed me to take abx to treat a UTI only to the point that my symptoms cleared, so this could be just a few days. It was considered a new approach at the time.

    From a CYA perspective, I could see physicians recommending a 10-day course of abx as a general rule. Problem is, the guideline seems to apply to generally regardless of the age or relative strength of the patient's immune system.

    Bottom line: Too many variables to draw any definite conclusions.

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    i always end up with a 14 day course.
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