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    I was just wondering where women with SCI go for a gynocologist visit....My GP was a little hesitant about it. Should I go to a larger city which would have better facilities and knowledge? Has anyone else had this issue??

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    It's hard...

    I'v been wondering the same thing...I went to a womens clinic once because they had a low table that was easier to transfer onto...But if you go to a regular gyno I think you would have to make sure there were extra people to assist with transfers, clothing, leg management etc. Maybe bring your mom or a friend?

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    Also ask about the kind of stirrups they have to keep your legs apart. The ones that rest under your thighs work much better than the ones your heels sit in. These were near impossible for me! Good luck.


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    Yes, transferring and stirrups are issues to think about. Another might be dysreflexia triggered by the instrumentation during the pap. It might be worth the experience to see someone more versed in SCI if only to pick up pointers to share with your own GP...SAH

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    This doctor and her associate used xylocaine to help with AD but it did nothing for my spasms. Dr Welner's accessible table includes heated sandbag type thing to lay on the lower legs to reduce spacticity. She also worked at NRH in Washington DC for awhile. If anyone knows an accessible GYN in this area with SCI experience I'd love to get their name. I refuse to go through another exam like my last...

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    There is a little booklet available from Planned Parenthood of San Francisco on doing pelvic exams for women with disabilities. It covers all disabilities including SCI, CP, etc. as well as hearing and visual impairment.

    I got my copy a number of years ago, but suspect they are still available. They were $1 each, with a minimum order of $10, so women who want them may need to get together to purchase. Personally, I bought 10 and distributed them to our Women's Clinic and the local PP office, which did NOT know about them (even though the first edition came out in 1982, with updates in 1984 and 1991).

    Table Manners: A guide to the pelvic examination for disabled women and health care providers

    Sex Education for Disabled People
    Planned Parenthood Alameda/San Francisco
    815 Eddy St.
    San Francisco, CA 94109

    Here is another resource I found on-line. It does not have diagrams such as the booklet above does, but offers copies of the booklet for free (still current?) and lists the videos I discussed available for loan. This is in South Carolina, so not sure if they will loan out of state or not, but worth a try. It is a PDF file so you must have Adobe Acrobat to read or download this:

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