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Thread: vaginal fissures

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    vaginal fissures


    i am a 27-year-old c3-5 incomplete quad. i use a manual chair with a jay cushion and a power chair with a silhouette cushion.

    lately i have been getting fissures (little places where the skin splits) around my vagina. it seems like as soon as one heals, another happens. i'm pretty sure that they are not related to sexual activities or constipation. i do pressure reliefs regularly and eat a high-protein diet. i always wear cotton underwear and usually wear soft, non-binding pants or skirts. i'm a bit overweight and have been since childhood. i'm 12 years post and this just started happening in the last 18 months or so.

    any thoughts on why this is happening and what i can do to prevent it?



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    vaginal fissures

    blisster, Sounds like you are doing a lot of the right things for good skin care. Congrats! How often do you switch chairs? How long are you in either of the chairs during the day? Are you often damp from perspiration in the area? Have you ruled out fungal infection with the doctor? SAH

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    How often do you switch chairs?

    at least once a day. the manual chair is my indoor/around the house chair, the power chair my outdoor chair. i change when i go out, which is at least once a day.

    How long are you in either of the chairs during the day?

    a max of 5 hours or so without an off-butt break for half an hour minimum (i find this cuts down on my pain level, with a side benefit for my skin).

    Are you often damp from perspiration in the area?

    i don't really know. sometimes but not always, i'd guess. my sweating seems more related to dysreflexia, spasticity, and sickness than weather, so it varies according to how i feel. i don't think i have a huge amount of sweat there, but certainly the area right around my vagina is often moist-ish. i try to dry it well after bathing, cathing, peeing (i can pee, but leave a lot of residual urine, so must cath regularly too), etc, but it's hard to keep perfectly dry.

    Have you ruled out fungal infection with the doctor?

    she has looked at them and didn't think i had an infection. she actually doesn't seem to know what to think. i am her only sci patient ever.

    thanks for the help

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    vaginal fissures

    Wow, it seems like you are doing all the right things...have you been properly fitted in each chair and for each cushion? SAH

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    Are they actual fissures - or is the skin just rubbed a little raw? My son has really tender skin - if you look at it the wrong way, he gets a skin shear (we're thinking about rhinocerus skin transplants!) I'm thinking that if the area is moist, you might want to try a skin cream - Balmex, or the Beekeeper's lotion products, or even 'bag balm' (it's an old remedy that farmers use on their cattle - we had a doc recommend it to us, and it works pretty well!) to provide a 'moisture barrier' to the area.

    What position do you sleep in? On your side, a pillow between your knees to 'let the air in', or positioning on your back or stomach to let some air circulate.

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    Being a guy I need to keep my boys happy so I use Desitin, creamy with aloe vera. It smells like baby powder and helps keep you dry. I also dab a smidge on the lil ol sphincter and I evenly spread baby powder all over my heiny since I'm on it all day.

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    Hi blisster!

    I was informed that women should avoid using powders containing talc 'down under' and that if you have to use something cornstarch powders are safer as far as infection risk is concerned. Just a thought because I worry not only about uti but about not having enough feeling to catch a vaginal infection early. I had something similar happen so I used Desitin and cleaned it twice a day with anti-bacterial stuff and that helped.

    Good luck,

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    vag fissures

    a moisture barrier a good idea. Desitin may have an odor...bag balm has no odor. pillow between the legs for sleeping is a great idea too.SAH

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