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Thread: Lost control of BOTH B/B?

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    Lost control of BOTH B/B?

    Ok today i lost Total control of BOTH B/B. I showered, went to sit on the bed to get dresses and looked on my chair (good thing i had a towel on it) saw some poop, got back on the chair and "rolled" to the bathroom. When i sat on the toilet, i looked down and poop came out (a lot)and i was peepin too. i then did a cath and put out about 300ml.Mind you I had alrady done mt bowel care in teh am. this accident happend around 4pm..

    WHY DID THIS HAPPEN? Too much caffeine? Did I not get it all in the morning? If not then why did it take several hrs for it to come out after my program?? AND whats up with the peeing on my own?

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    You could have a UTI. This can definately make you leak urine, even in large amount such as this. I have also seen a number of my clients have bowel accidents when they have a UTI.

    Caffeine is not good for your bladder in general. Overdoing it can also make your bladder more irritable and more likely to leak.


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