Treatment of Constipation in Patients with SCI

Treatment of Constipation in Patients with SCI
Investigative research study conducted by:
Lawrence Kernan Hospital & Baltimore VA Medical Center
For Additional Information Contact: Kathy Schultz, RN. Clinical Trial Coordinator
Phone:410-605-7000 ext. 5745 or EMail:

This study is to determine the effectiveness of an experimental medication for the treatment of constipation in patients with SCI. This can be a major problem with bowel care for individuals with SCI. Although many methods of treatment are available, including suppositories and stool softeners along with fiber supplements, nonetheless some individuals still have problems with constipation.

If you are one of these individuals, you may be eligible to enter this study. To qualify you must have constipation as defined by having two or less spontaneous bowel movements per week. The study will last for 16 weeks and requires that you visit either medical center approximately six times. You will be compensated for each outpatient visit that you attend at $25 per visit to defray the cost of your transportation.
The study is sponsored by the Regeneraon Pharmaceutical Company.