Pain Following SCI: A Randomized Cross-over Double-blind Trial of Neurontin, Methadone and Placebo
Principal Investigator: J. Scott Richards, Ph.D.
Contact (if different):
Institution: University of Alabama at Birmingham
Funding source: NIDRR
Last Updated: 09/19/00

Objective: Pain following SCI remains problematic for a subset of the spinal cord injury population. There have been few randomized controlled trials of medications to help with this problem. Recent clinical investigations suggest the efficacy of neurontin for neuropathic pain states. Similar clinical and randomized trial data suggest that methodone can be an effective long-term analgesic, and that the risks of addiction have been generally exaggerated. We plan to utilize both of these medications and placebo in an efficacy trial, followed by a six-month open label clinical trial to determine if efficacy, demonstrated acutely, can be maintained over time.

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