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Thread: Women finds Human Finger in Wendy's Chili

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    Latest in the case: Investigators are going to get a fingerprint and try to trace the finger.

    Really, they are!


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    I want to know where the rest of the body is that went to that finger! Then again, maybe not.


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    Police search home of woman who found finger
    Police search home of woman who found finger

    "They put guns to us and handcuffed us and threw us to the ground in front of all my neighbors,'' Ayala said Thursday. I see another lawsuit coming, this time against the police department.

    Police search home of woman who found finger
    Police search home of woman who found finger

    The mystery of the finger found in a bowl of chili at a San Jose Wendy's last month deepened Thursday with revelations that police have searched the Las Vegas home of the woman who made the revolting find.

    A tearful Anna Ayala, 39, angrily denied planting the finger in a telephone interview with The Chronicle. She accused San Jose and Las Vegas officers of bursting into her home with guns drawn on her and her family Wednesday afternoon.

    "They put guns to us and handcuffed us and threw us to the ground in front of all my neighbors,'' Ayala said Thursday. She accused police of terrorizing her family, ransacking her home and injuring the arm of her 13- year-old daughter.

    "They treated us like trash, like terrorists. It's the worst nightmare,'' she said.

    San Jose police said they and local officers executed a search warrant regarding the wayward finger in Las Vegas, but refused to say whose property had been searched and whether anything was found.

    Police would not respond to Ayala's claims of rough treatment or even acknowledge searching her home.

    "We're not going to release any information that is going to jeopardize our investigation,'' said San Jose police spokeswoman Officer Gina Tepoorten.

    She dismissed press rumors that authorities are investigating whether the finger belonged to Ayala's dead aunt.

    "It's just rumor -- we have no information that it belongs to an aunt, '' Tepoorten said.

    She added that investigators are interviewing anyone who might explain Ayala's grisly discovery March 22, when she reportedly bit into the finger while eating chili with relatives she was visiting in San Jose. Police are questioning Wendy's employees, its food suppliers, diners present that day and "anyone who knows the finder of the finger," Tepoorten said.

    "We want to find out who the finger belongs to, from a criminal aspect. We don't know if this was an industrial accident or something more serious like an unreported homicide,'' she added.

    The search was just the latest twist in the tale that has caused Wendy's San Jose sales to plummet and turned the chain's name into a punch line for late-night TV comedians. Ayala even recounted her disgust on "Good Morning America."
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    Apparently she has a history of lawsuits.


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    Woman Won't Sue Wendy's for Alleged Finger

    By KEN RITTER, Associated Press Writer

    LAS VEGAS - A woman who claimed she scooped up a human finger in her chili at a Wendy's restaurant has decided not to sue the fast-food chain, her lawyer said Wednesday.

    Anna Ayala is dropping her claim because the police investigations, DNA tests, a search of her home and intense publicity have "been very difficult for her emotionally," Attorney Jeffrey Janoff said.

    He would not say if the decision was prompted by a report a woman in Nevada had lost her finger a month earlier in a leopard attack, and that it might be related to Ayala's claim.

    San Jose, Calif., police said they were investigating a possible connection to the finger of a woman who owned several exotic animals - and lost a digit in a Feb. 23 leopard attack, the San Jose Mercury-News reported.

    Sandy Allman reportedly got her finger back in a bag of ice, and it could not be reattached after the attack in Pahrump, about 60 miles west of Las Vegas.

    Full Story

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