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Thread: All-Cereal Restaurant Opens in Philly

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    All-Cereal Restaurant Opens in Philly

    By JOANN LOVIGLIO, Associated Press Writer

    PHILADELPHIA - How's this for thinking outside the box: a cafe with jammies-clad servers pouring cereal day and night, topping it off with everything from fruit to malted milk balls, and serving it in "bowls" resembling Chinese takeout containers. It's all cereal. Seriously.

    Cereality Cereal Bar & Cafe, which opened its first sit-down cafe Wednesday on the University of Pennsylvania campus, is a sugarcoated - and tongue-in-cheek - homage to what your mother always told you was the most important meal of the day. But she probably never dished out bowls of Froot Loops and Cap'n Crunch topped with Pop Rocks.

    Behind glass-door kitchen-style cabinets at Cereality are 30 varieties of brand-name cold cereal. Customers order from "cereologists," whose most popular mix is two 8-ounce scoops with one of 36 toppings, plus regular, flavored or soy milk for $2.95. Also offered are cereal bars and made-to-order cereal smoothies and yogurt blends.

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    Learn from the mistakes of others, you won't live long enough to make all of them yourself.

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    There is also an all cereal cafe called The Cereal Bowl

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    I came accross an article - I think it was in the NY Times - about the popularity of cereal on college campuses. Cafeterias offer cereal bars and things like that.
    It is hard to resist. You come home from a long day at work and what beats the convenience of pouring a bowl of your favorite cereal?
    I have an inexplicable preference for Cheerios - I never seem to get tired of them. Special K with dries strawberries are also very good.
    I think a restaurant like the one you describe should also offer TV's with old cartoons as well!

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    I can't understand why someone would go to a restaurant and order a bowl of cereal for the same price they could go buy a box of the same cereal. Unless the waitresses were all hot and wearing nothing but skimpy undies, and every half hour they'd jump on beds and have pillow fights.

    Learn from the mistakes of others, you won't live long enough to make all of them yourself.

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