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Thread: stuffed eggplant

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    stuffed eggplant

    i was bored with making the same ol same ol, so i decided to try something different, i love eggplant parmesan, but its a real pain in the arse to make, ill let u know how things go after dinner,,,it sure does look and smells good as well,
    heres what i did -

    2 eggplant sliced in half long way,,,making a boat, save the inside,
    2 peppers - yellow and red,,,thats what was in the frig,,,lol diced
    half onion - diced
    sausage - a little over a half lb, it was leftover,
    tomatoe sauce
    salt & pepper to taste
    egg & milk
    italian breadcrumbs

    over heated to 350,,,place eggplant in oven for about 20 minutes while getting ingredients ready
    cook sausage
    use same pan the sausage was done in - peppers and onion,,,carmelized
    take eggplant that was leftover from cleaning - dice,,,use egg & milk mixture and then sprinkle with breadcrumbs,,,heavily, now pan fry,,,just til golden
    line eggplant with sauce
    take sausage, peppers, onions, eggplant and cheese,,,stuff eggplant
    place on baking sheet and top with sauce & cheese
    bake approx, 1 hr

    wish me luck


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    Keep us posted, this sounds good.

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    AGH !!!!!! I'm starving and up pops my favorite eggplant dish. No ones home boo hoo
    Only difference I make it with ground meat,sausage will be just as good. I'm going to go watch the food channel and fantasize.

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    this is all i can say,,,it was freakin good,,,both jim and my dad said EMERIL would be proud,,,lol oh yeah forgot to tell u that i used a garlic & chili olive oil,,,it gave it a bit of a zing,

    hey tvot,,,im from branford and my dad lived most of his life in short beach,,,small world, most of the family is still there,


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    EGGPLANT ..<shudder>...

    The only thing that should be stuffed in an eggplant is firecrackers

    ~~I reject your reality and substitute my own~~

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