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Thread: Jimmy Mack's Sub Shop Update #1

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    Jimmy Mack's Sub Shop Update #1

    After searching and searching and rejection after rejection, I have found a location, infact it is a Sub Shop already. It is located in Hillsbourgh New Jersey on Route 206 between Sommerville and Princeton. The store was for sale and I went and met the owner and put in a offer. First offer rejected, however He took 2 days to reject it so I new I was in the ball park. Second offer accepted, I talked him down $40,000.00 and he has to put in a new A/C unit before closing.Next we start the Purchase and sales agreement and we have set a closing date of Feb 28th.

    Marmalady, the store is 2100 square feet. If you were in New Jersey still you could have 600 square feet for your catering business. the equipment is all there for heavy catering, you wouldn't need a loan or anything, just catering orders. I would charge you $800 a month rent and 3% on your gross sales. Its a standing offer Marm.


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    Sounds like a great location, Jimmy - and in my old neck of the woods, too! We lived in Bridgewater, and I catered a lot in Princeton, so traveled that 206 route quite a bit! And Hillsborough is just exploding population-wise, so you should be good to go!

    Re the offer - sounds awesome! Unfortunately I don't see us moving back there any time soon.

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