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Thread: Real pumpkin pie

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    Real pumpkin pie

    Has anyone ever made a pumpkin pie out of a real pumpkin? How did it turn out? I attempted it this Thanksgiving. It was a chore but could be a fun family project ...? Even after hours of mashing the cooked pumpkin with a potato masher though, it was lumpy. Next time I'll use my food processor. I made a crust using a little whole wheat flour. All in all, the flavor of the pie was wonderful, but the texture/consistency could have been better.

    I'm using the remaining (lumpy) pumpkin for pumpkin bread.

    I also made applesauce with some green apples. That was fun. Much better than the jarred stuff.

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    Good to see you around here again.
    I've never tried to cook down fresh pumpkin. It's messy enough to carve them for halloween!
    I love green apples tho'. I usually peel and core 5-6 green apples. Add about 1 C. sugar 1tsp nutmeg, 2 Tbs butter and 2Tbs flour. Put that in a microwave safe bowl, cover and cook 4 min. at a time until tender. It's apple pie filling! But, I prefer to call it 'baked apples'. It is fabulous with pork.

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