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Thread: Magnesium oxide?

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    Magnesium oxide?

    Can anyone shed some light on the use of Magnesium Oxide as a colon cleasne. is it or is it

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    Why do you feel you need to "cleanse" your colon? This is not something that is medically indicated or needed. Magnesium in any form is a fairly powerful laxative, but should not be used on a regular basis:


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    My local health food shop recommended it. She said it was gentle, I read the instruction and a brief history and it all seemed above board. The recommended dose is 2 to 5 metric grams in 250ml water and a squeeze of lemon juice at bedtime. Apparently it promotes water and oxygen {kind of like a shampoo lol} in colon and gentle cleans the colon of any sludge stuck on the colon wall.

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    While there are certainly many proponents of colonics and other forms of colonic cleansing, these claims are without any scientific foundation. Your bowel does not need to be cleansed, and "sludge" does not stick to your colon walls.

    In fact you can cause a number of health problems with the use of purgatives such as this, not to mention the loose incontinent stools you will have, and how long this will disrupt your normal bowel program (generally for weeks afterwards). Just because something is "natural" does not mean it is good for you. Arsenic and cyanide are also "natural".


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    Thanks for that info. Point taken and will be heeded.

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