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Thread: Invent a Wrap for my New Store

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    Jimmy, what a great idea. Your donation is very generous too.

    Roly Poly is one of my favorite restaurants. They've got endless combos, but one of my favorites is the Peachtree Melt. The peaches really make the sandwich for me. I love the combined, contrasting flavors of them with the horseradish sauce, pepper relish and cheese.

    Keep your garden weeded.

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    Originally posted by marcomo:

    Peachtree Melt?
    Martha, I think you stayed in Atlanta one day too long.

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    How about a Santa Fe type blackend chicken wrap....?

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    Peppa Mootza!

    Sweet Roasted red peppers
    Sweet Bananna peppers
    Fresh mootz
    Fresh basil
    Drizzled with virgin olive oil & Roasted red pepper sauce (or pepper sauce as dip?)
    in Sun dried tomato wrap

    or Sunny Peppa Mootza!

    *don't know what sweet bananna peppers tastes like or how well it may go with roasted red peppers, so can you descibe for me? Thx. btw, if I win, will I get free lifetime Peppa Mootza sub?

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    I am going to make Chick's wrap this week. It looks awesome..yummmmmmmmm sweet banana peppers go well with sweet olive oil ok gotto go to the market...mmmmm yeah.

    hee hee

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    Good luck and it sounds like it will be a great hit. A few entries for me:

    1) "Wrap's Amore" - The Italian wrap that says love

    - Flour wrap
    - Cappacoulla, Proscuttin, Salami, Pepperoni
    - Mootz and provolone
    - Tomato
    - Fresh basil
    - Drizzle or dousing of olive oil

    2) The "Garbage Wrap" - Select a wrap and we put "EVERYTHING" on it

    3) I know you don't have seafood listed but I've made this, its wonderful and I think you have all the ingredients except the seafood

    - Sundried tomato wrap
    - Seared shrimp and scallops
    - Sweet Roasted Peppers
    - Romaine lettuce, onion, cucumbers, and tomato
    - Mootz
    - Chipolte Mayo
    Believe it or not I also put on beets (so good) but you can leave that off if you are trying to keep your ingredient list down.

    4) The "Veggie Wrap" - Select a wrap, sauce and any veggies.

    Yes, I'm a food weenie...


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    "The Perfect Wrap"

    - Avacado
    - Cilantro
    - Jalapeno-spiced white cheddar
    - Red onion
    - Blackened chicken pieces
    - Diced tomatoes
    - Spoonful of chopped garlic

    Best on a whole wheat wrap.

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    My wrap would be called "Meat Lovers Wrap"

    Whole wheat wrap
    Ham, Turkey, & Bacon (or they could select 3 meats)
    American Cheese

    Yum, sounds good to me!

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    Good Luck Jimmy in your sub shop.

    Haven't come up with a name, but I was thinking a wrap might be good with some lettuce, diced tomatoes, onions, diced cucumber, anchovies & feta cheese, and of course a few drops of olive oil.

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    "Have You Seen My Wiener?" Wrap

    -yellow mustard
    -relish (preferably homemade)
    -diced onions
    -celery salt
    (served in a warm wrap)

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