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Thread: Goodbye, Julia

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    Goodbye, Julia

    Julia Child fully enjoyed the banquet of life

    By Jerry Shriver, USA TODAY

    Julia Child once declared that "life itself is the proper binge," and for nearly a century she was insatiable.

    Julia Child article

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    FoodTV is hosting a commerative tribute to Julia next Sunday, Aug 22, from 7-10.

    For those who only know Julia Child as that wacky lady on PBS, wielding cleavers and chopping up great hunks of meat or fish, her accomplishments are so many -

    She was one of the first people to 'demystify' French cooking technique for American homes. This, coming in the middle of the age of the 'TV dinner'.

    One of the first women to break the sex barrier in terms of knowledgeable females in professional kitchens.

    I could go on and on - can you tell I'm a fan!

    We'll all miss her.

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