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Thread: Orange Juice

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    Orange Juice

    is orange juice good for us to drink being SCI and all?

    Josh S.

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    Only if you add the right amount of vodka.

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    OJ seems to make me have to pee a lot more than normal and seems to irritate my bladder so it doesn't hold as much as it would as if i just drank water. Kinda wierd.

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    In small to moderate quantities it is OK, but it does make your urine more alkaline, which some feel contributes to both UTIs and stones. Although it has a lot of vitamin C (which normally acidifies the urine) it is metabolized and excreted in the urine as a base.

    Most juices do this, except for cranberry and plum.

    Keep in mind that you can take in a lot of calories with juices too. If you are struggling with weight as many in chairs are, you might want to stick to water.


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    Josh S.

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    Josh I take "prelief" before I drink orange juice and stuff that irritates your bladder.

    I get it fron walgreens and found it on this site when my UTI's kept coming up clean and it helps

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    NO WAY!

    It comes out a base?

    I have just had a Mr. Wizard moment.

    Ok but not Vit C right?


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    Vitamin C is OK. There is something else in OJ that makes it metabolize and come out in the urine as a base.


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