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Thread: Are you a Omnivore, Vegetarian or Vegan?

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    Are you a Omnivore, Vegetarian or Vegan?

    Thought I'd bring this topic up as it's been mentioned in by booster's burger's comments, I'd like to know what other peoples views are, and it would be good to hear some solutions too. Can we manage to carry on farming Animals without doing the enviroment and ourselves a lot of harm? Or should we be looking at a better way to feed the worlds ever increasing population?

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    Well, this turned out to be a more serious question than I am really in the mood for today so I'll just tell you what I was going to say.

    I'll eat anything that doesn't eat me first, and sometimes even that.

    Can I say that in here?
    <sneaks away on tiptoes>

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    Now, grammar lesion: to add a little correction to your post. The word 'Omnivore' should be added to your thread. The definition (summarized) is that that consumes both plant and animal material.

    Thus I would be an omnivore.

    Now, history lesion: as humans our ancestors started as gatherers. They fed on just about anything that they could, to include dead carcasses. There are several ways to prove that through human history we have survived on meat and plant. Look at the tooth makeup of ancient man, 8 so called wisdom teeth and two additional 'canine' teeth.

    Now for a physiological lesion (my area of expertise): our bodies are 'designed' to survive off of plant and animal material. If we do not consume both, we suffer. There are a few ways to supplement for animal material, but none are truly complete. I'm going to consult with our dietician, and I'll be back with a complete list and statistics proving this point.

    btw, this is not a flame

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    Omnivore..and intend to stay as such.
    I even feel most natural carnivores are in
    reality omnivores also.

    Even chimps that are known as vegetarians will snack on one of their own kind once in a while.

    Nothing like Surf and Turf and a heaping tossed salad.

    Inside of every older person,
    is a young person saying, "What the hell happened?"

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    Carnivore, mainly.

    ...and i'm proud to be an american, where at least i know i'm free, and i won't forget the men who died, who gave that right to me.

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    Farming animals is fine and dandy , but its naturalism is messed up by irresponsibility and carelessness.
    Such as?
    Pesticides, chemicals, leakeage from flowing creeks, streams, to farms because of crop dusting and everything else. Too many hydro growers, poor waste management and cleanup, laziness.
    That's a couple things...just look at what food in texas is doing...I mean seriousely, look at the teen obescity<sp> level. I think of that movie with eddie murphy in it? hmmm.."what's it called?"

    Anyway,.... you go to a drive thru a burger, all the sudden you grow a huge neck, or calf, or head...or the buttucks just blow up huge from the super power burgers! {'nutty -professor"}

    Anywhoot ...


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    Fast I don't know about Texas but here we take great pain's in making sure everything is done safely on our farm's.
    If you look at what the kid's eat other than the meat,"Plus the fact that it's protein" that's what causes the obesity! french fries you know how many carb's there are there and all the other junk food there is.
    By the way if you had ever worked on a farm you would realize if you were lazy, you would not have one very long at all. I know I grew up on one and still helped up until my injury.

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    I am a omnivore. I eat almost all my meat from the local Amish community. They dont get shots themselves let alone pump their animals full of hormones. why do you think we have eight year old girls with c size breasts and menstruating?

    Fast, what do you mean by poor waste management? We spray it back into the fields here. When I was growing up I had two fields near my house that they would spread blood on from the dog food factory. Blood + 90f = a stinky mess! Ten times worse than pig.

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    I am a omnivore. I eat almost all my meat from the local Amish community. They dont get shots themselves let alone pump their animals full of hormones. why do you think we have eight year old girls with c size breasts and menstruating?
    It's true, exposure to the hormones in meat, poultry and dairy products is linked to the premature development of primary and secondary sexual characteristics in children. The growing problem of human resistence to antibiotics can also be traced to their use in the meat and dairy industry. You can do as Patrick does and buy free range, organic meats which are also available in health food stores or you can avoid consuming flesh and flesh by products altogether, if it's a concern.

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    Closest I could ever get to being a vegetarian was to give up red meat and stick to turkey and chicken and fish and eggs. Not that close, eh?

    On the other hand, if meat were outlawed tomorrow, I could live with it. Dang, could they do that?

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