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Thread: Iron Chef Drinking Game

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    Iron Chef Drinking Game

    I don't know how many here like the Iron Chef show, it's my favorite, but I found this drinking game that goes along with the show. Kind of funny if you've ever seen the show.

    The Iron Chef Drinking Game

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    LOL Jim. I also have thought that if I were still a young'un, I'd invent a drinking game for American Chopper. People would have to drink every time one of the Teutil's says "I gotta tell ya" or "I just gotta say..." Doubles for when Paul Sr. pitches a fit or Pauly Jr. blows him off and goes golfing or snowmobiling.

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    I'm coming up with my own CareCure drinking game.

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    Bethany, I love that show American chopper. It would be the perfect drinking game, every time they beep out one of the swear words, one half your drink, every time Paul Sr. slams his office door, just laugh and take a sip, lol

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    Oh he's saying "Fukui-san"... I always heard "squeeze-on" LOL.

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