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Thread: portebella mushrooms

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    portebella mushrooms

    while visiting in pittsburgh my s/o's brother made me these awesome portebella mushrooms. they were stuffed and topped with a slice of tomatoe and mozzerella cheese. thought u guys would enjoy

    portebella mushrooms caps large
    thin layer of jimmy dean sausage - sage or maple...i had both and both were good
    depending upon the size of tomatoe - thin slice/slices
    mozzerella cheese - so it covers the tomatoe
    oven temp - 350 for 20 minutes

    i prefer the cheese to be slightly browned and
    to finish off - parsley is nice

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    Sounds simple and tasty


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    My friend's bro is a vegan, so we were playing around with these. Use a good oil, sesame or olive, a good balsamic vinegar, a little tarragon, marinate the portobellos and grill. They were delicious. A tomato slice on top, and some cheese if you're not vegan, it might be the perfect food.

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    Sounds tasty.

    Can I assume that you brown the sausage before you put it on? I'm sure it wouldn't be cooked otherwise.

    I wonder how it would be to sautee the mushroom lightly in a little butter or substitute first, also? What the heck, it's already got sausage & cheese :-).

    BTW I buy the Kroger brand sage sausage, it tastes like my favorite, Bob Evans, but much cheaper.

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    hellonwheels...the sausage is cooked when the cheese is browned. remember a very thin layer uncooked...u'll know when it's done. good luck
    oh yeah...the sautee suggestion sounds good too.

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