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Thread: Good Cook Books

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    Good Cook Books

    I have way too many cookbooks! Here's some of my favorites:
    The Moosewood series
    New Vegetarian Cuisine
    Favorite Brand Name Vegetarian cookbook
    The Vegetarian Epicure

    The Four Ingredient cookbook
    The Well-Filled Tortilla
    Regional community/church cookbooks
    Southern Living Cookbooks

    And Pat, I have one published in 1935 called The Household Searchlight Recipe Book that has alot of wild game recipes! Like Squirrel Stew, Hassenpfeffer, Quail, Prairie Chicken, Venison, etc. I remember when I had a farm shooting and cooking grouse, very tasty.

    Seems like the best recipes are from friends, I like potlucks for the new and different foods that can be brought.

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    Ohhhh, you had to start this, didn't ya! Which ones of my over 500 now collection should I choose? I have to make notes - get back to you later!

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    hah, gottcha!

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    My Mom's. She hand wrote cookbooks for us kids last Christmas with many of her and my grandmother's recipes. My favorite dishes in her handwriting.

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    You can have all the specialty cookbooks in the world...but NO kitchen is complete without the "big old yellow" Joy of Cooking.


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    steve i am so very jealous of you. that was teh project my mom started for me just before she passed away. unfortunately she only got 6 or so recipes written down in it. but i intend on filling it in very soon.

    please, to all the mom's out there.....keep 2 and personal stories and a family cookbook. i would do ANYTHING to be able to have those.

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    Ohio - Thanks, you made my day! For Christmas this past year I made family cookbooks for my two daughters. I didn't write out the recipes, but I typed them out, printed one on each page, and then put a family picture on each page, sometimes with a little note, saying who the recipe was originally from, and any memories I had of the times it was served.

    I put the pages back to back and then laminated them all. I borrowed a large paper punch, put three holes in them, and tied pretty ribbon through them. I did a different cover for each of the girls, with picture, and dedicated it to them, with love of course. They were thrilled to receive it.

    I love your idea of a family journal, with stories. I don't know if I will ever get around to doing it, but it's a great idea!


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