Each K cup makes only one cup, and then you just reach in and toss it in the wastebasket. That is the total cleanup. The brewer that I have is the Keurig 60 model, and it has a choice of three amounts of water that go through the k cup.....6 oz, 9 oz, and 12 oz. It depends on how strong you like your coffee. The six ounce is expresso like, and I usually make the 12 oz size. You can also buy the kcups in what I would call regular strength coffee or the extra bold. In the summer I use the extra bold to turn it into iced coffee because the ice cubes dilute it a bit. It is probably cheaper to use the standard ground coffee and filters, but there are such good deals out there on k cups that the price gap is closing. I can get K cups at BJ's (100 cups for $39.00, or .39 per cup), and online the really good prices are at and other sites. Most of them offer free shipping too if you buy four boxes or spend a certain amount of money. The Keurig is also great if you have company because everyone can pick their own brew since each K cup only makes one cup. I had friends over the other day and one person wanted the mocha flavored, someone else wanted tea, and another person wanted just regular coffee. No problem, just throw the cup in, throw it away, and then repeat with whatever flavor is next.