with this standard recipe u can make changes with the flavors that u desire. hope u enjoy as much as i...

remember i told u this is easy...u can make your own crust using graham crackers but i go the really easy route...ready made. my favorite is the oreo or chocolate.

1 large tub of cool whip lite...not the fat free!
1 8oz. philidelphia cream cheese
1 8oz. philidelphia 1/3 less fat
1/4 cup of splenda - sugar substitute
u can use regular sugar but i tried this and it's great.
1 tablespoon of instant coffee

let cream cheese soften a bit...almost rm. temp.
mix all until smooth...spread into pie crust. put in frig to get nice and cold and ready to serve with whipped cream for topping.

remember u can change the flavor. last weekend i made one with raspberry jello...adding only half of the jello. hope u guys enjoy...good luck