With a little bit of forward thinking and planning, you can easily cook up enough food to freeze and get a few meals out of it.

Of course, the obvious things are spaghetti sauce, lasagna, etc.

Try this - next time you buy those 'skinless, boneless' chix breasts, don't just get a little pkg. of 2-3 - get the big 'family size' package; marinate them in Italian dressing, or whatever your fave marinade is, then grill them up or saute them all at the same time. A few freezer zip lock bags, and you've got the beginnings of other meals - salad with chicken on top, for instance, or a chicken sandwich.

Or, with the same pkg. of chicken breasts, simmer them in chicken broth (the way I learned in a restaurant kitchen - put chicken and broth in a pot with a lid - bring to boil, cover, lower heat and simmer 10 minutes; turn heat off, and let sit for 15 minutes. The residual heat will finish cooking, and they'll be moist and tender. You can use for chicken salad, chicken pot pie, enchilada fillings - whatever! Again, just package in portion sizes for the freezer.

I freeze cooked rice, too - make a bunch at a time, then portion out and use the zip locks, and freeze; to reheat, take out of bag (zip locks and microwaves don't do so well sometimes), onto a plate, drizzle a little water over, cover with a damp paper towel, and nuke 1 minute on high, then stir, and another minute or so.

Or pasta - make twice as much as you need for dinner, then the next night make parslied butter noodles, or noodles with feta cheese, as a side dish for something else.

Even a big turkey or ham can be portioned and frozen, and use as needed. Gravy, too!

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