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Thread: Bread Machines

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    Bread Machines

    No way could I go on the Atkins diet. I dearly love my fresh, hot bread!
    I did the majority of cooking pre sci and now post Im getting back in the swing of it once the wife and I could agree on where cookin tools should be stowed etc. That could be a topic in its self.
    Anyway, used to make my bread from scratch, but now its too big a hassle rollin all over the kitchen gettin it all together.
    So Ive resorted to using the box stuff and finding a somewhat small variety of basic mixes.
    Anybody got any favs you'll share? Brand names or sites to look at?


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    Try - they have some great boxed mixes for bread and other goodies!

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    i bought a bread machine this december, if you watch the forom that i always mention, great buys can be had, i think it cost me under 50 delivered no tax from amazon,
    its a top of the line one.
    i have only made 3 loaf so far , but they all came out great,

    i bought ingrediatants to make plenty more, but unless i have company over , i am worrried i will eat it all myself! hot bread is so good!
    there are some atkin type breads to that can be made, i made one of their sour dough bread.

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    I love bread my downfall bisquits I make angel bisquits and light rolls tried making sourdough starter nope it was a flop I have gotten pretty good with pie crust did I mention cornbread

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    I got my almost new bread machine at goodwill for 10.00 they had lots to choose from

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