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Thread: Tiff?

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    Originally posted by Liz321:

    do u have a Trader Joe's near you. They sell these dessert cups made of chocolate

    just fill them w/ berries and top w/ cool whip
    no i don't. but i'm sure i can find those cups at the local upscale grocery. it sounds so romantic. i'll def this recipw that when i'm in deep sh#t with my bf and need to woo him

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    Theo, if you have a specialty candy store in your area, check there, too. They actually are pretty easy to make - let me know if you'd like to try, and I'll post a how-to.

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    Layer of brownies
    Chocolate pudding
    Chopped (or repeatedly dropped) toffee bars
    Like Heath or Skor
    Cool Whip or whipped cream

    Layer these in a clear large brandy sniffter type glass. Drizzle Bailey's or Kalua over the top and watch your honey melt!

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