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Thread: The cat who eats asparagus

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    Jake, my parents' Terrier mix likes:
    Green beans, WITH or without butter.
    Coffee (Gran always shared her decaf.)
    Boost nutritional supplement (also Gran)
    Icecream...he gets his own vanilla soft serve
    Green Olives, but not black
    Beer and Champagne
    Peanuts in the shell, he KNOWS there are two to a shell and you HAVE to share.

    Pretty much ANYTHING we eat, and he can delicately take something off of your fork, like a "people"...he thinks he is a person. Though he still enjoys the "dishwasher door buffet". Right now he is in Wisconsin with Mom cleaning our Gran's house, he has his own bed and is now sleeping on Gran's old bed...he found it right away. When they go out, he gets his own Hamburger. SPOILED.

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    Reading these posts definetely makes me want to get another pet, they can be so much fun and add a whole new dimension to ones life.

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    my cat would eat celery and peel it like string cheese!

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    My cat loves marcipan, he eats it until you stop him.

    Wear a knitted sweater and he first starts rolling his head around in it and then lick it.

    Give him raw meat, and he sounds like a mad dog if you get too close.

    He knows exactly how much catfood is in a can, and he knows for sure if the can is empty or if something still is in the refrigerator. He will keep nagging you until it is emptied then he will stop trying until next time you bring a can home. He know the difference between the cans and can spot his among all others, even if you change brand.

    Very few people are allowed to smoke in my house, but when it happens, he always stick close to the smoker (stupid cat, dont you know its dangerous)

    He only eats potatoes if you peel them first and sprinkle salt on them. It is not enough to just mash them.

    I could keep going, i guess he just have his own ideas like the rest of us.

    Oh yes, i forgot, he simply loves wollen socks, he does not eat them but he places his head on them and sleep. He will go through a lot to capture a wollen sock, dig through a pile of laundry and so. It does not matter if the sock is clean or used, it just have to be wool. When i have problems finding a matching partner for at sock, i allways find it one of the places where the cat sleeps.

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    Martha, funny thing about those siamese cats, my mother told about one she had many years ago. It ate various sorts of rags too, especially ones used in kitchens.

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    Jake also has small amounts of M & M candies. He'll spit the first one out though unless you bite it in half so he knows it is chocolate. Our old dog Koska used to do that too!

    Weirdness! Do ALL dogs spit out the first M & M??

    Edited: YES, we know chocolate is not good for dogs, but he's hale and hardy at 35 lbs and has found worse. We only give him a little taste, and sparingly. Old age (17.5) is what finally killed the first dog. Not M & M's.

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    With all the discussion about grits, I decide I could resist no longer and fixed some for breakfast this morning. I still had a few spoonfuls in my bowl, which was sitting by my computer. All it took was a few moments of distraction, and the next thing I knew my cat Bootsie was on the desk eating the grits!

    Cats eat grits? After all the stories I've read, I'm beginning to wonder if there's anything they won't eat.

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    I have a bowl of assorted crystals sitting on my foot locker/coffee table in our living room. When I'm not looking my girls let our pooch Shady chew on my long quartz crystal She loves it! I guess it looks like a bone ! She must be a "new age" doggy ...

    Shady will eat anyhting...I mean anything vegetable or mineral..... maybe she was a goat in a previous life !


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    My cat will eat styrofoam. When I get a package I have to be carefull not to leave any out of the box, or she'll grab a peice and run off with it.

    She also likes cream cheese, cheese cake, and ranch dressing.

    Learn from the mistakes of others, you won't live long enough to make all of them yourself.

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    Of course my black lab will be absolutely anything, raw, cooked, still hanging on the plant, spicy, hot, cold, doesn't matter.

    My cat though only eat a couple odd things. Coconut, tortilla chips, and he absolutely loves goldfish crackers. Comes running when he hears the box shake.

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