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Thread: Does anyone here eat less then before there accident?

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    I have never stopped feeling hunger, which is good because food is a huge enjoyment of mine Anybody that knows me knows that I'm almost always eating and when I'm not you can bet I have food under my chair just waiting to get ate up. I've always been thin, but still nomatter how much I eat I don't put on weight. Faster than fastest metabolism I believe....

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    I usually eat as little as I can get away with. I don't know if it's the fact that I just don't feel hungry really, or the fact that I can't feed myself and eating is a hassle, or the fact that I can't really burn any calories and am absolutely terrified of getting fat. Either way, I'm constantly fending off requests from my family to try to eat more.

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    I eat less, but I could eat more, as I can't tell if I'm full or not. But for some reason I get tired of eating after a few bites, unless its something I really like!! I can't drink wine, beer or liqueur anymore, not a bad thing, but I have about 200 bottles of library quality wines I have to watch others enjoy. I simply lost all taste for alcohol.

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    I eat less than before, but back then I was a teenager now I'm on Medicare.

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    My son, c6/7, does feel hunger. It's not quite the same as before his injury, but definitely feels something. He eats healthy, so he does not eat as much as before: no junk food, no sugar, etc. It took almost 2 years after his injury to get his appetite back. Hope this helps.

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    I'm a little unique since I was a c7 that regained a lot of ability with mostly hand and tri issues. I still felt hungry but my diet was less and sometimes wouldn't eat until I was ready to pass out. This mostly happened when I was out doing physical activities.
    Now I had another accident (lucky me) and am a T4. I eat maybe one good meal a day with some snacking but I still get hungry. When I was first injured food made me nauseous and I had to force myself to eat "boost". I went from 198lbs to less than 165. Now I'm trying to loose some of this quad belly I have since I never had a belly in my 42 years and I hate it!!!

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    I'm a T12 incomplete and I don't feel hungry anymore. I am about 50 pounds lighter than before SCI. When I eat, I often feel like a little kid who has to eat that last bite and chews and chews and chews cause he can't swallow it.
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    Lost 30 lbs right after my accident, and haven't gained any of it back in the 7 years since my SCI. I don't always feel hungry, but I do occasionally. Some days I wouldn't of ate all day, and 1 bite of a sandwich is all I can do, other days I could eat till my stomach exploded. Kinda seems to go in a cycle.
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    My son is T4 10 years post, he eats much less than he used to.
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