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  • Advice on "How To..." regarding cooking techniques, etc.

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  • Nutritional and Dietary Information

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  • Recipes and more recipes

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  • More "What's your favorite..."

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  • I don't cook, don't want to cook & couldn't care less

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    Now that I got your attention...

    Actually, this poll is to find out what YOU, the members, would like to see in the Food Forum.

    After voting, please add your comments on the specifics, your ideas or suggestions.


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    saw the title and felt i should warn against the dangers of fried foods, particularly bacon, when cooking in a state of undress.

    but, now that you've got my attention, my main interest would be nutrition. i've never really been able to find any good info on nutrition as it should be applied to SCI. i've heard before that those with SCI may have different nutritional requirements than others, but i don't know what an appropriate diet would be. thanks.

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    I have heard that deep-fried foods are constipating as well as fattening; any truth to this? I need ammunition here! As you have probably guessed by now, I would rather stir-fry!
    What other foods are constipating? Bananas, hard boiled eggs?

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    don't know about eggs but rice is considered binding when kids have diarreah, so is applesauce and anything with pectin but no sugar added

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    Something we caretakers of downed dogs have found is pure pumpkin..canned is alright..but
    not pumpkin pie when they have
    loose stools or hard stools.

    For some unknown to us softens
    the hard stool to where it can be passed comfortably..and hardens the loose stool.

    Does anyone know why?


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