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Thread: What's Your Favorite Candy?

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    chocolate and sweet tarts. Plus I chew gum "Eclipse" every day.

    I've always had an oral fixation -

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    gummy bears, chocolate anything, Altoids, Black Jack gum, red and black licorice, JuJus, anything sour

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    Well I gotta say it/s definitely M&M's for me yaaaaaaaaah.:-))

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    Lindt dark chocolate.

    I dig wild berry skittles too.

    There will be plenty of time to rest when I'm dead and gone, until then, 150% straight ahead....

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    fruit flavored tootsie rolls

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    I love those little orange and yellow triangle things they sell at Halloween. My family will tell you I stash them in places no one else will look . . . like the drawer with the cleaning rags, LOL.

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    I love all kind of licorice, espesially the salty kind and the one that tast ammonium.

    And I am crazy for chocolate, not the usual kind but the Danish Anthon Berg with cherries and rum. And the Norwegian boxes with King Haakon, that is really the best from everything. Maybe you can find it in a Norwegian shop, but I don't know how many shops you have over there. I know you have some but since I have never been in the US I don't know where.

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    Woman from Europe, so glad you posted! First, gotta ask, salty licorice that tastes like ammonium? Please help me understand how this is a pleasurable experience. Sounds awful!

    You mentioned the chocolates with cherries and rum. Sounds heavenly. When we were in Russia we had brandy-filled chocolates (along with a bottle of champagne, and a hearty headache afterwards ). They were so good! Would you happen to know the name of these or a European company who makes these?

    Kate, in the south we call them candy corn. Yum, yum.

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    Salty licorice is really nice. It is many different kind, but the soft one is best Somebodey mention the Swedish fish before, you can also buy the black Swedish fish, it is really nice. But I have been eaten it from child, maybe it is different when you tast it like an adult.

    I think the choclate you got in Russia maybe is the Anthon Berg. They have different kind, and I know the kind with brandy, too. It is very, very good.

    I prefer the Norwegian and Danish chocolate, all the other chocolate taste too much cacao.

    I found this link on the Internett maybe you can find something there. And here is another site

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    Kate,You must be talking about caramel corn.

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