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Thread: What's Your Favorite Candy?

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    What's Your Favorite Candy?

    With Valentine's coming up, I thought this may be interesting. What's your favorite candy? Do you like regular chocolate or something a little more exotic?

    Personally, I'm good with dark chocolate and/or those Andes' Creme de Menthes. Or the Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies.



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    Very good English Toffee with lots of almonds on top, a thick coating of chocolate and great melt-in-your-mouth toffee. See's makes a fairly good one.


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    Judt call me Lady Godiva, I love that high-dollar chocolate. And Necco wafers too.

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    I'm a candy nut. I love...

    - Starburst
    - Anything gummy
    - Dark chocolate
    - English toffee
    - Truffles!
    - That hard as wood "Bee Honey" stuff
    - Almond Joy

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    I luv candy too, especially milk chocolate. I dig Mike & Ike's, tropical skittles, chewy tarts. I'm hoping my guy sends me chocolate covered strawberrys, that'd be nice.

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    Originally posted by casper367:

    I'm hoping my guy sends me chocolate covered strawberrys, that'd be nice.
    ooooh that'd be sweet

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    CHOCOLATE: Milk chocolate or dark

    Coffee Flavored Nips. (And I really can't stand coffe, never drink it but I love these)

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    <UL TYPE=SQUARE>Sour gummy Coke Bottles
    <LI>Red Vines
    <LI>Cotton Candy flavor Mike and Ikes
    <LI>Chella's Cherries, the Dark Chocolate kind,
    <LI>See's Coconut thingies that have honey mixed with coconut, then covered in dark chocolate...YUM[/list]

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    Reeces Pieces or any peanut butter and chocolate compination, or peppermint patties or white chocolate.

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    Just the word "candy" leaves a bitter taste in my mouth! ugh...

    *Favorite quote of the day*

    "Never marry a woman named candy"

    *makes note*


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