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Thread: What can I eat

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    What can I eat

    Hi Iam on the onset of diabetes I usually eat a slimfast bar for breakfast then celery for lunch but at night I get so hungry How can I stop that from happening???
    Thank's Duge

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    You are not eating enough. Is there an opportunity for you to attend some diabetes education at a local hospital? I would also suggest you make an appointment with a dietitian who can sit down with you and plan a reasonable and enjoyable diet...if you do not eat small amounts of appropriate calories throughout the day, you will be angry and become discouraged. You will need to learn to count carbohydrates, by reading labels. Before long you will be used to what you can and can't eat. Most foods can be acceptable if they are in the correct portion and balance.

    Good Luck Duge!!!!!!!!!!!!
    hee hee now im doing it!!!!!!!!!!!


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    DUDE, DEFINITELY seek out the help of your doctor or nutritionist/dietician for a diabetic eating plan, the National Diabetes web site may even have some basic guidelines. I'm going to go look. I ate MORE than you are eating now when I was pretty hardcore anorexic. By the looks of it, you aren't even getting in 500 calories a day. A grown man should be eating at LEAST 1500 even when dieting. A 1200 calorie plan is considered at starvation levels.

    There are a TON of low carb choices that aren't all chemical laden. The slimfast bar isn't the best choice either carbwise or nutrient wise.

    GOOD luck..(didn't pay that nutri 80 bucks a session for better AND learned something)


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    There ya go...has a TON of info. ALSO, PLEASE check in with your doc. This is nothing to screw around with.

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    Have been through a program and am trying to count Carb's but worked for a while at night is my problem i wake up so hungry I can't stop myself from eating I just wondered if there was anything I could eat without that many carb's the empty stomach from all day really seem's to come on at night

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    Check to make sure they don't cure with sugar or salt, or treat it with sugar or salt, but turkey or chicken cold cuts are great. Other life saver easy to keep on hand and prepare snacks are string cheese, cottage cheese, low fat milk, almonds, or a slice of whole grain bread with NATURAL no sugar added peanut butter on it...all great protein snacks that will help you feel full, give you a little fat to run on, and help you avoid "rumbly tummy".

    Try to mix a protein with a little fat and you will "run" longer. Ideally, you should aim for three moderately sized meals and a couple of snacks a day. I function best on Breakfast, an early lunch, a mid afternoon snack, dinner and then a light snack like a glass of milk and something small before bed.

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    duge, if you get a hold of me off care cure, i can share with you some easy recipes and meal plans. my dad is diabetic and i have been thr primary "cook" for years. i think i may have this diabetic shit worked out.

    a great book to buy is "sugar busters" it has some yummy food.

    oh and for 3 meals a day... no you need more like 5 mini meals.

    you need to be checking your sugar levels, are you dropping when hungry? are you mainitaning a level or are you going high to low? lots of things need to be considered when eating and planning meals. i am no dietician but i can help ya plan a bit.

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