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Thread: What doesn't make it home from the grocery store?

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    What doesn't make it home from the grocery store?

    Sometimes when I grocery shop, I buy two of a certain item knowing that one won't make it home without being fully or partially consumed in the car. For us, it's fresh, hot bread. Mmmmmm, the aroma drives us/me crazy! Also Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls get partially consumed on those days we convince ourselves we deserve to put crap in our bodies.

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    Fresh warm bagels
    Kettle Cooked Potato Chips
    Swedish Fish....when I relent...

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    The jellybears... Half of them ends on the floor, the rest in my mouth

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    What is Swedish fish?

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    Swedish fish are the same as gummy bears...jellylike candy...similar to jelly beans, but no hard coating...and chewier...and they are good!

    My taste buds salute when there is chocolate around...especially Reeses or Snickers.


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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by teena:

    OK, then I know. I live in Norway and I prefer the black, salty gellyfish.

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    Zingers, the red ones

    T-10 complete

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    Swedish fish: only the red ones...yummmers

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    Chocolate caramel nut chewies. Yummy!

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    Rice krispies treats

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