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Thread: Tiff?

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    How'd the pink cupcakes come out?

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    Good! Thanks for asking They were really sugary sweet and my boyfriend loved them that way. I just used a Betty Crocker strawberry cake mix/and canned strawberry frosting but it was yummy!

    When I baked them, I pulled out the rack (carefully) and turned off the oven. After 15 minutes the pan was cool enough to grab with my hands (I sometimes used my mouth too...bad habit i know). I'm now on this baking kick since my confidence in the kitchen has grown like 110%

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    try making no flour choc. cake
    melt the chocolate in the microwave

    also good for making choc. covered strawberries

    you'll be a top notch chef
    get the berries w/ the stems on them
    lil' cool whip on the side


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    theo, quick and easy BLONDE BROWNIES
    Yellow cake mix
    !/2 cup oil
    2 eggs
    6 ounces chocolate chips
    2 TBLSP water
    Mix and put in 9x13 pan, after spraying with Pam. Put into 325 degree oven for 25-30"
    I usually take out a little early, cause I like it soft.

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    oh I'm going to try that lilsis

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    thanks for recipes ladies! hmmmm they both sound awesome. now which to try first.....

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    do u have a Trader Joe's near you. They sell these dessert cups made of chocolate

    just fill them w/ berries and top w/ cool whip

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    giving the blondies a try...they're n the oven

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    So, Liz, how'd they come out?

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    a tad undercooked, but my honey likes them that way.

    Very quad friendly recipe!

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