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    Trader Joe's

    I have put myself on a diet for the rest of my life, or until I am no longer in a wheelchair. In the morning I have some fruit for breakfast, and then my main meal of the day is lunch. In the evening I drink 20 oz. of fresh vegetable juice, and I use the Juiceman Two juicer. However, I recently started having one Balance Bar in the evening, and I do not think that I will gain any weight by adding this to my diet.

    Trader Joe's sells these Terra Potpourri potato chips that I think are very good, and addicting. They have zero cholesterol, but I think they also have transfatty acid. It would be nice if it were possible to make chips like these and have them be good for you. Maybe someone knows more about these chips.


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    You sound like you have a lot more willpower than me, lol. I eat like a horse, then again I get a huge amount of exercise between biking, weight lifting and FES. I wish I could manage to eat less, but with all this exercise it just does not seem possible.

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    Hi, Paul, and congrats on your diet; One tiny word of caution here, tho - I would be concerned about the amount of protein you're getting, with the type of dieting you're doing. I'd try maybe a hard-boiled egg in the am, and make sure when you do have that 'big meal' at lunchtime, you're getting a lot of high quality protein in there.

    I really miss Trader Joes! There's not any this far south (SC); I even wrote them a letter, pleading for them to open one here in Charleston!

    The Terra chips are addicting, arent' they?! To make your own, you could investigate getting a food dehydrator (although the Terra chips are fried, they are essentially 'dried' veggies). Try doing a google search for same.

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    I used to "eat like a horse" before I was injured but then I was running 10 mi. a day and I would also hit the weights for about one hour.


    I know what you mean about getting enough protein every day. I try to make sure that I'm getting enough, along with complex carbohydrates for lasting energy. I shop at Trader Joe's once a week and if they opened a store in Charleston, South Carolina, they would make even more money! I never thought about a food dehydrator to make Terra Potpourri potato chips. I think it's worth trying.



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    here's a lot of good in the Atkins/ low carb type food plan,
    not so much on the low carbs which does work, but the cut back of all the sugars that are consumed needlessly.
    i used to eat the balance type bars , but i found they alwway smade me want more than one, they have a lot of sugar..

    its amazing how much sugar is put into food nowadays, I was buying smoked salmon and I saw it had sugar added to it, I found another brand that had no sugar.
    read all the labels and get away from sugars you don't need... easy way to keep weight off.

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    Ummmmm....TJ's! My favorite place to shop. Mine is right next door to my closest Ralph's grocery store too, so I am in there at least 2X weekly.

    I love their fresh squeezed orange juice, the fresh berries they have year-around, and of course I get my fill of Two-Buck Chuck (and other good wines). Their sour dough cracked wheat bread is great, as is their Mango Passionfruit granola. They are also selling B&J's ice cream now, which is my weakness.

    My father was a friend of the original Trader Joe: Joe Coulombe. He passed away several years ago, but was a real character (and made a lot of money when he sold Trader Joe's to a big corporation before it expanded out of Southern California).


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