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Thread: independent cookers of the sci community (especially quads)

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    independent cookers of the sci community (especially quads)

    how is your kitchen set up? what sort of foods do you cook?

    i'm looking for recommendations so i can do mmore independent cooking. right now it's lots of sandwiches and dry soups.

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    My son uses a chopping board that has spikes in the middle to hold the food steady, and a bar at one corner of the board to keep food from spilling off the board. I think we got it from Sammon Preston. Check the link topic above, you'll see some sites with adaptive equipment.

    A lightweight cutting board to place on your lap to carry bowls and pans in is a help.

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    Three things:
    1. Lowered, accessible counter
    2. Rocking knife
    3. STARFRIT ROTARY CHOPPER - what a great invention, dices almost anything, now cooking soft tacos doesnt take an hour just to cut all the veggies.

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    I have an extra large cookie sheet I use on my lap for when I am cooking. I have done nothing to my kitchen due to lack of space.

    NOTE* If you use a metal cookie sheet, Do Not sit hot pans on it. Even though I cant feel, I still burn!

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    Pat - that's why I suggested the cutting board!

    Emi - Found the 'Starfrit' website, but didn't see a 'rotary chopper' - can you give us more info or a link? Thanks!

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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    Hi Buck,

    I posted some general food prep. suggestions for quads here.

    I would add the following:

    For hot drinks like coffee/tea, I heat water in the microwave instead of using a tea pot or coffee maker. I use coffee bags instead or brewed because it's easier than opening a jar and spooning out the coffee.

    Sammons used to carry quad knives, one chopper and one serrated type but they've apparently been discontinued. I lost my chopper but still have two of the serrated knives left, don't know what I'll do when they disappear. They've been a godsend.

    A kitchen with lowered counter tops and a roll under cooktop and sink will enable easier cooking and dishwashing. A raised wall oven with a swing away side mounted door eases baking and food removal challenges.

    A side by side refrigerator helps too.

    And buy everything pre-chopped, either fresh or frozen!

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    Heres pictures of mine, I've seen them at Walmart.

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    And the bottom view. All you do is cut your food Into pieces that fit and push on the handle and the blades come down, chop then rotate your food.

    "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow"
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    About that can find a Pampered Chef distributor in the phone book, they can get you a great one!

    Very useful indeed!


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    crockpot a table top oven about 100.00 a table I can roll under my sink I leave doors open and cut kickboard out I cook all my meals some ….. but the most part I cook

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