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Thread: What would you eat if you could choose from all the food in the world ?

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    Pizza, Pasta, and Pumpkin Pie!

    And squash and hashbrowns and chocolate and cake and ice cream, and shrimp fried rice with snow peas...

    Was I supposed to eat one day or one week? LOL


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    Vicky is Norwegian... I think, well I know she's northern European.

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    Originally posted by seneca:

    Vicky is Norwegian... I think, well I know she's northern European.
    Sen, i really do like Norway, but i do not live there. By the way, if you ever come to Norway, you must try to order a saussage in a bread, with shrimpsalad on top of it :-)

    Later note: I forgot, they do not eat the saussage in a bread but wrapped in a lompe, which is a sort of potatopancake that tastes like potatopeel - still remember the shrimpsalad.

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    I know where Vicky is! Can I tell?


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    I would love to eat good quality caviar by the spoonful, but unfortunately I am now allergic to it!

    I would have to include the following:

    Pecan waffles with real maple syrup
    2 fried eggs, basted
    Very crisp shredded hash browns
    Very crisp bacon
    Fresh sour dough bread toast
    Homemade raspberry preserves
    Darjeling tea
    Fresh squeezed OJ

    Fresh, peel-your-own shrimp
    Open faced grilled cheese on sour dough bread
    Caesar salad
    Iced tea (unsweetened)
    Ben & Jerry's Uncooked Brownie Dough ice cream

    Abalone steak, breaded and deep fat fried
    Black-eyed peas with bacon
    Baked potato with butter and sour cream
    Caesar salad
    A good bottle of Merlot
    Lemon chiffon pie (my great-grandmother's recipe)
    Krumkaker and Fattigmann (Norwegian cookies)


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    Saussage in a bread, with shrimpsalad is not nice.

    A nice Norwegian meal is salmon with boiled potatoes and sour cream.

    And krumkaker and fattigmann are only for Christmas

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    Much as I hate to admit it, I must be a country boy because my ideal meal plan is pretty simple and would go something like this:

    Plain waffles [or good pancakes] with syrup, couple spicy sausage patties

    Slice of NY style meat lovers pizza

    Baked chicken, rice and gravy
    Steak [prefer Filets; pink, gotta be bloody ] and home sliced thin fries
    Japanese habachi style food... steak or chicken, shrimp, fried rice


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    a POUTINE ... a gyros ... ketchup chips ... mapospread on fresh baguette ... and cretons on fresh baguette > I miss Quebec !

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    Vic, since I just ate my last from my Christmas stock of fattigman and krukager, and this message says ANYTHING I WANT, I included this.

    When my grandparents hosted the Norwegian foreign minister in exile in their home in Wyoming during WWII, they made fattigman for him (even though it was summer) and he cried and cried!

    And Vic, I see you did not list lefse and lutefisk either!

    I left strawberries off my list...and fresh raspberries too. Would add these as in between meal snacks!

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    tater tots <blush> (i love 'em)

    "Now the only healthy way to live, as I see it, is to learn to like all the little every day things."
    ~ Gus McCrae

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