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Thread: What's Your Comfort Food?

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    mom's mashed potatoes

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    Don't ask me why, but when I get depressed, I get a hankerin' for some coleslaw and end up hitting KFC by the end of the day.
    --Angela Lynn

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    potato chips!! those kettle ones from massachusetts!

    "You've got to learn to love the little things in life in order to be happy, like a sip of whiskey in the evening or a beautiful morning sunrise."
    ~Gus McRae, "Lonesome Dove"

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    Soylent Green..

    ''In a world called catastrope my native tongue is blasphomy''

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    Besides chocolate? Hrmmm... nothing really. Although Salt'n Vinegar chips are always a good thing to have.


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    Potato Chips & Dip
    Ice Cream
    Fried raw Potato's
    Mac & Cheese
    Cheese Dogs
    & Warm Popcorn
    Just to name a few.!!!!
    ''Now i'm hungry.


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    My comfort food is something my mother used to make many years ago when I was a child. It is a mixture of mashed potatoes, mashed carrots, and crumbled ground beef, all mixed and mashed together in one big pot/bowl. I eat it with lots of butter and salt on top.

    For some reason it always makes me feel more comforted..........and it's delicious!


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    Graham crackers, saltines, tortilla chips with salsa, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, grilled cheese sandwich, any kind of cheese, cookies...I have many - .

    Food in and of itself is comforting..

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    Baked Ziti w/tons of cheese
    grilled cheese sandwich dipped in ketchup
    new england clam chowder (NOT from a can!)
    sweet mashed potatoes
    hmmm hot apple cider or hot chai tea latte mmm

    i could go on and on...

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    Grilled cheese like everyone's the best

    Also, Campbell's Chicken Noodle soup, freshly baked bread with butter, chili, warm corn bread, hot mochas, and warm brownies.

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