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Thread: Useful tools and gadgets for the kitchen

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    Useful tools and gadgets for the kitchen

    I know there have been other topics that addressed this, and I'll try to dig 'em up, but thought we'd start a new topic here - what tools/gadgets/ideas do you have for working in the kitchen?

    Any commercial cookware/gadgets that are particularly helpful?

    Any handy 'hints' re safety, lifting, moveing, etc?

    Kitchen design ideas?

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    We just bought the Starfrit Rotary Chopper and it makes chopping veggies much easier for me. Also I have a wooden stick with a slotted end to turn the dials on the stove.

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    A big mezzaluna (crescent shaped) knife, with big knob handles. Good Grips utensils, have big handles.

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