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Thread: What would you NOT eat?

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    What would you NOT eat?

    What food just revolts you?

    Liver!! or any organ meat actually.

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    I've eaten weird things from around the world. However, I cannot and will not ever eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. When I make them for my children, I gag.

    I love peanut butter. I like jelly on toast. Both my parents and all three of my siblings LOVE PBJs, but I can't and won't eat them.

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    I love PBJ...martha what's wrong with you?! j/k

    What can't I stand...hmm. Vinegar. Liver. Any weird part of an animal (tongue, etc). Anything involving raw meat of any kind.

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    I cannot eat sushi or liver. I try and stay away from fried stuff at this point to, not because I dont like fried stuff, but just because it is not healthy to eat.

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    My general rule of thumb: Is it green?


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    Brain, kidney and eyes...Oh yes, peanutbutter. I never learn to eat that. When i hear peanut, i think of salted little nuts and beer, and when i then hear peanutbutter, i get this drunk taste in my mouth. I would never be able to enjoy that on bread.

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    Liver tops my list, man that stuff is gross.

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    Never had liver with saute onions and bacon-YUMMY

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    Originally posted by bigbob:

    Never had liver with saute onions and bacon-YUMMY
    mmm..gooood... and the week after, hearts in creamy sauce with mashed potatoes :-)

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    Anything raw, can't do the tartar or sushi thing. Also anything that was once slimy, like snails. :x

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