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Thread: Post your vegetarian recipes here!

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    How come this post in not in the Food forum?

    BTW I'm a vegetarian also, and so are my 5 children. But we have no recepies to share cause we mostly just eat vegie burgers!

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    Faye, Marmalady sent me an email and asked if it was okay to move this to the food forum. I said that would be fine with me. I think maybe she forgot to move it. I don't know for sure though.

    Happy to hear your kids are vegetarian too! My daughter has no desire to eat meat, and I hope it stays that way.

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    Shannon, Sorry - In the hectic days of the past month, I forgot to move this; I will let Kap and Martha2 know, and ask them to do it.

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    I figured that was what probably happened Marmalady. No biggie.

    Alive for 33 years
    T4/5 complete for 25 years
    Mom for 6 years

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    Faye, my hubbie and son are vegetarians, and I too take advantage of all the 'vegeburger' products out there! Fortunately companies are getting a little creative, and putting out product that is appealing.

    I've used the vegeburgers to make tacos, spaghetti sauce, sloppy joes, and even 'meatball stroganof', and chicken parmesan with the chicken patties. You just need to learn how the stuff cooks - takes a little more oil than real meat does, as there's no fat in the product itself.

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