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Thread: Do you eat your fruit?

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    Wild Blackberries! My husband & I have made about 20 blackberry pies in the last two weeks. He picks them, and rolls out the crusts, I fill them, put them in the oven, and eat them! Delicious with fresh whipped cream or ice cream! Yummy!


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    Tomatoes are a fruit by the way (not a veggie!)

    Today I went to the Farmer's Market and bought fresh tomatoes and peppers and made gazpacho. Having it for dinner all week. Just sprinkle on some salad shrimp or avocado slices and serve with sour dough rolls. Yum!


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    Peel, and cut a banna in half. Freeze it for several hours in a zip lock bag. It takes the place of ice cubes for a nice thick fruit shake. I love the nonfat vanilla yogurt as a base and skip all sweetners.

    Another favorite are frozen green grapes. They taste just like grape popsicles. Try it!

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    i eat fruit everyday, right now I'm eating a chinese pear! Mango, pawpaw, rockmelon and grapes are my favourites...apples and bananas I eat, but only out of necessity. They remind me too much of school lunches!

    Is it true that bananas can cause constipation? My mum says this, but I hadnt heard it before.

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    I would love to go Back to Guam just for the Mangoes! Wonder if I could grow them in a greenhouse?

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